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David Holroyd-Doveton I joined BlackStar as I wanted to take an active role within the Ecademy family. The main attraction was the ability to take part in the Boardrooms. As a small business owner I found it quite difficult to find the right quality of help and advice. With the BlackStar Boardroom I found just what I was looking for. Great people, fantastic help and advice which made me reflect on what I was doing and why? Being a BlackStar also gave me access to some of the best minds within Ecademy. I have learnt a great deal during the time that I have been a BlackStar. I have made lots of friends, who have been a tremendous amount of support to me. I hope to be of help to BlackStars in the future and to all Ecademy members. When I joined BlackStar I did not really know what to expect. What I have received is a great deal more than anything I could have expected. It's great to be a member of one of the most fantastic groups within Ecademy. Georgina Lester I joined BlackStar just over a year ago expecting to establish deeper working relationships BlackStar members as well as save a huge amount of time being able to utilise extra BlackStar features on the site giving my business activities increased exposure and promotional opportunities on and off line. I actually got ..... a whole lot more! BlackStar offline events most especially the boardrooms have offered first and foremost superb friendships followed by fantastic business networking, unrivaled business advice, peer to peer mentoring/support as well as superb opportunities for demonstrating expertise and business experience resulting in a dramatic increase in referrals and profitable opportunities.
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