This club was created for Ecademy BlackStar members who don't take themselves too seriously and like to let off steam in trusted company. Application process is detailed below. Since then it has developed into an immensely supportive group of people who are living the "winning by sharing" ethos - through a genuine desire to enable all of us to succeed. With plenty of robust interaction at many levels, within this forum, at monthly offline brainstorming sessions and the ever-present Skype chat - always evolving to make what is growing here accessible as it can be to each of us. And indeed, in effect building on the original ethos of BlackStar and taking that forward in a way that works well for the WCP members.
Proud Members: Alan Rae Andrew Horder Andrew Widgery Andrew Wilcox Andy Coote Andy Fairweather Andy Lopata Babs Saul Chris Bose Chris Mitchell Clare Gillbanks Colin Newlyn Dave Clarke Elaine Gold David Hillman Debbie Tarrier Derek Bishop Dr Ravi Jain Ellis Pratt Emma James Eric Hearn Fraser Hay Guy Massey Ian Hornblow Ian Plumbley Ivor Murray Jim Ziegler Jo Lunn Jo Salter Joan Callaghan John Brightwell John Cave John Seaman John F Galvin Jonny Restrick Keith Turner Kelly Molson Lesley Morrissey M "Q" White Malcolm Tullett Mark Eaton Mark Lee Mark Wing Mark C J Posen Matthew Barnett Michael McNulty Mike "Freddie" Gordon Nick Heap Nick Ingram Nick McKenna Nigel Watson Paul Clark Philip M Williams Piers Mummery Richard Alberg Richard White Rod Sloane Roger Vanstone Rory ROR Murray Russell Weetch ruth allen (CM) Simon George Rosie Hatton Stephen Harvard Davis Steve Bradbury Steve Trister Stuart Beattie Stuart Oliver (CM) Stuarte Harris Tom Ball Warren Cass
To quote our founder, Stuarte Harris, "this place, above all, is about having a laugh together as we wend our merry way to wealth (financial, emotional, social, spiritual, etc) and networking nirvana".

The following is the procedure to become a member of WCP 1. You identify a current member, who knows you well, to sponsor you (if you don't know one, then it's unlikely that this club is for you) 2. You apply to join (BlackStar members at least 3 months into their membership) 3. You write a Personal Message to Colin Newlyn explaining why you want to join (within a couple of days or your application will be declined) 4. The sponsoring member starts a thread in the club to discuss your application 5. Your explanation of why you want to join is posted in the thread 6. Club members discuss your application and vote on it: Yes, No or Abstain. 7. The decision about your application is taken on the basis of the votes cast

CAVEAT: Anyone joining this club must agree that: - they will interact with good intent for the benefit of all concerned - they will not take offence at anything anyone says in this club - that they will not take themselves too seriously - in the event of disagreement, the concerned parties will resolve them like adults without recourse to third parties. - they will not directly or identifiably refer to any of the postings expressed in this forum unless they have requested the consent of other members concerned - they will not make defamatory or libellous comments about specific people who are not in the club By applying to join this club, you are accepting these conditions.

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