Anatoly Vanetik




Anatoly Vanetik founded Vanetik & Associates, Inc., a natural resources venture capital firm, in 1996, following international successes in the Soviet and Russian oil and gas industries. Based in Irvine, California, Vanetik & Associates' holdings include Kazakhstani oilfields, real estate in the United States and Europe, and Internet start-ups. Prior to forming Vanetik & Associates, Anatoly Vanetik held a series of high-profile positions in the former Soviet Union and the United States. Anatoly Vanetik managed negotiations for the disarmament of Soviet nuclear weapons between the former Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, MONTAGSPETSTROY, and American engineering companies. Anatoly Vanetik organized ARAY, Inc., the exclusive agent for MONTAGSPETSTROY in the United States. Previously, Anatoly Vanetik had been named Businessman of the Year in a prominent Russian business publication, Delovye Lyudi. Anatoly Vanetik won this distinction for his efforts toward business endeavors earlier in his career. Anatoly Vanetik founded public joint company InterNat in 1990, only the 13th such company in Soviet history. InterNat established auto service stations and provided computer equipment in the former USSR. Furthermore, Anatoly Vanetik's InterNat was appointed the exclusive representative for the Ministry of Oil Products for the United States and Canada. Poladyne Corporation, Anatoly Vanetik's second firm, was formed in 1992 and quickly became one of the largest independent industrial lubricant suppliers in Eurasia. Anatoly Vanetik developed a complete line of lubricants in conjunction with international oil companies including Texaco, Mobil, and Unocal. In his many business ventures, Anatoly Vanetik has consulted for a wide range of oil and gas companies, including J.T. Granatelli Lubricants, Inc., SGI, and Delta Petroleum Corporation. Anatoly Vanetik has also conducted business with the Bank of Orange County; Ambit Properties, Ltd.; and ABTelecom, Inc., among many others. Anatoly Vanetik holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Ukraine, as well as four U.S. patents and two Russian patents. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Anatoly Vanetik participates in a number of religious charities in Russia and contributes to programs aimed at reducing the drug trade and helping child victims of war.