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Group Director at i-Cast


If you are interested in any of the following, I can help you

  • Business contacts
  • Network training or
  • Commercial consultancy or Interim management on an agreed per day basis
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    The family in Italy August 2010 Italy; me and my beautiful girls :)

    I love people; I love connecting people to ideas to the good and benefit of all I can reach. My core process is "Inspiring success" and I still find it fascinating when I look back at my working life, the roles I have really excelled in were all around inspiring success in others. So that's why I like to be active in anything that does just that as I know it will give me the greatest rewards but that doesn't always relate to financial ones - that's OK.
  • I'm available to assist your business by using my many years of commercial experience to assist other organisations in their commercial objectives, whether providing practical assistance and guidance on ideas of progressing their services and products and how to take this to market or recruitment and sales training and management. I offer these on an agreed number of days per month to provide flexibility and financial affordability
  • Having come from what I now realise was a very privileged and stable background I have much to thank my dear parents who although have sadly passed away, I will always hold most dear to me.
  • I would be delighted to connect with you and to know how I can introduce you to either those you seek or opportunities your business needs whether it is contacts, those with key business knowledge or you are seeking a trusted and reputable source of supply or service, I will endeavour to assist you.
  • I was closely involved in the management team of the former owners of this platform (Ecademy business network) for over three years as National UK Director which I loved and ran training courses throughout this period on how to network where I trained over 2,500 members, I feel I have a strong empathy for fellow Networkers and those investigating its benefits and how to do it.
  • For those just starting their Networking journey here, can I suggest you read this blog of mine and hope it helps you.
    • This year's focus.
    • Developing a wider awareness of our Internet broadcasting platform to solo artists and bands and similarly to the coverage of various sporting events and other events.
    • Secondly to find and support up and coming artists who have the talent and need that helping hand through our broadcasting technology and give them a global reach to all their fan base as well as extending the longevity of very established artists too.
      • My commercial activity
      • One of my commercial hats is working with a team of very clever individuals into the launching of several channels to offer HD  quality broadcasting LIVE in REAL-TIME of events whether sporting, music concerts or any other where there is a broad global or national interest and delivering this to i-phones, i-pads, PCs etc and other portable equipment on a pay to view basis.
      • Many sporting events for example have hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world but cannot watch their favourite team or player live; only a downloadable post production of an edited version usually from the club's web site or not at all if their team isn't in the top echelon of the sport.
      • Behind the scenes footage and player interviews will be also be included to add a greater dimension to the event or occasion. We are also engaging with many singers both very established ones and emerging stars who although perform to several thousand, the majority of their fan base never gain entry either because seats are sold out or they live overseas. So the artists ask us to broadcast live to their global audience via the Internet with the artist getting additional substantial income and the fans get to see their idols LIVE where ever they are in the world providing they have Internet access. The commercial interest has taken us a little by surprise though we never doubted the potential.
    • Ultimately I want the platform used to broadcast a series of educational channels to the world, to those who do not have a school or University near them; those in the third world countries; they too deserve access to knowledge and education.


        • A little about my home life
        • Working primarily from my home office, it allows me to see plenty of the children, which always has a wonderful grounding effect the moment I enter the front door from work or a hectic day. I melt when they are close to me. I hold the belief that it is not until you have your own children do you ever really understand the depth and extent of love that your parents held for you. Whilst you might never have doubted it, the extent and unquestionable and unconditional love I find very profound. I am blessed with having four daughters, Rosanna who is 24 and works for one of the largest advertising agencies in London. 
        • Georgia who is 23 and reading Psychology at Leeds and in her final year, Florence 16 who is taking her GCSEs this summer and at my old school Seaford College and doing great and Mimi 14, who attends The Royal School in Haslemere. My family below are my raison d'etre. Throughout my life, I have always had a love of women but never dreamt I'd be living with five!! They are to me a constant source of wonderment and I cherish and love them all and through them, I have found the value in being a daddy and a husband which motivates me to do my best. They are all different but wonderful in their own special way - they are my life.
          • Sport.
          • Throughout most of my life, I have been into sport in a big way. During my school days I played and competed in many sports and was fortunate to go to Seaford College which provided me the perfect environment in which to indulge myself in every sport available . On leaving school I played Rugby for Esher then competed in Triathlon that led to Managing the Great Britain Triathlon Team. They became European and later World Champions.
          • For several years I competed in many National Kick Boxing Tournaments, teaching children and adults Martial Arts; did a lot of Stock Car Racing, Gym and Fitness instructing.
          • These have given me a rounded appreciation of sport and for those who have achieved their own sporting goals at whatever standard. I understand the level of commitment and dedication required. Both our younger girls are formidable athletes and runners and follow their progress with keen interest.
          • Finally, do please allow me to assist you; - make my day and I will make yours.............. warmest wishes, Andrew.


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