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Director at Zenith Distributors


Greetings and thank you for visiting my profile. Most of you are here to make a business connection, but I am not. I am here for the social interface. Surprised? Do not be, the Ecademy network is actually one of the better social meeting places to which I subscribe on the Web. It is brimming with interesting people and it is much more than just business here!

Zimbabwean wildlife, lioness, elephant and hippopotamus

Why am I here? Well several reasons actually, but mostly because I find the blogosphere content on Ecademy occasionally rather stimulating. It provides me a platform for blogging too. Those who are new to Ecademy will discover an amazing array of writers with a diverse interest base committing stirring material to the Ecademy Blog and many more commenting on their content. It is friendly too!

It is not so much what you can offer me, but mostly what I can offer you!

You might well be visiting this profile because you have read a comment I have made or perhaps a recent blog that I wrote. I am honoured that you did and do hope that we will connect here and exchange ideas, if we are not already connected. The richness of social and business networking is the huge variety of people you establish contact with. Meeting people and offering your virtual handshake is all part of what networking is I am extending my virtual handshake to you.

Field AD Young 675px Field AD Cavalry 675px Field AD SpecialBranch 675px Field AD NowwithDog 675px
Andrew during certain times of his life, from young to old

If you are curious, I do have a little history which may interest you. I was born in Kent, but brought up in Southern Rhodesia, the little privileged son of a civil servant in the teaching profession. My grounding lies with law enforcement and intelligence, having served in the British South Africa Police, ending up as a young officer in Special Branch, on the Terrorist Desk, during Rhodesia's counter insurgency war. Commercial intelligence work with Zimbabwe's post sanction tobacco industry moved me into the information technology arena, and I later consulted with the accounting firm, Coopers and Lybrand, and then Standard Chartered Bank. I ventured into agricultural administration in the seed and poultry industries before setting up my own business in food distribution. Presently I run a few businesses in Zimbabwe, mainly in frozen foods, property and credit vetting.

FlickrFieldSculpture FlickrCityHarareJulias FlickrCityHarareSamora
Andrew lives in Harare, capital city of Zimbabwe

I have leisure interests in writing, photography and at one time bonsai, although social networking has become rather much of a habit too. Wildlife photography is perhaps the greater passion and something which takes me into the wild to share the world with things other than humans, and living in Zimbabwe I am blessed with an abundance of this too. When the opportunity presents itself, I am interested in aviation photography too. My images may be seen at Fotoblur and Flickr. Did that spark an interest? Feel free to connect if it did, no harm can be done, but be aware I would like to make our connection a little more than just your name on a now rather large list. I am happy to explore opportunities where I can help, where I have the experiences; and to participate where I have an opinion, so please explore my other networks too. My blogs may be found at South of the Africa Equator and Just a Bunch of Notes from Africa. And yes I do Twitter a bit - follow @zimbandrew, subscribe to Linked In and I am trying Google+ too - please feel free to connect. Long standing physical friends and those I have known a while may join me also at Facebook. You can network at those photo links as well.

Lion and lioness - Mana Pools Through the trees - Mana Pools
Lion activity captured in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe

If you want to flog your wares and your presence here is purely commercial, that's great, but I might ask you to go to the tradesman's entrance. Sure tell me what you are flogging, keep it short, but don't expect a sale. Remember I am way out in the wilds of Africa, so unless you are here in Africa with me, I really wouldn't bother pushing the sale, but thanks all the same. I would, never the less, welcome a chat, and making contact with you.

Life offers continuous obstacles and by overcoming them we receive reward, but no better reward is received than by helping others over theirs

For those of you who would like to maintain contact on a more a personal level, please feel free, perhaps send me a personal message and let me have your e-mail address in confidence. I am not great at 'letter writing' and that extends to e-mailing too, preferring rather to concentrate my writing energy on blogs and other material. I suspect most of you would concur with that. I am not averse to the occasional call, but the geography makes that difficult, so consider some of my other networks too, once we get to know each other.

Squirrel Portrait 1024px sq Cheetah Portrait 1024px sq Lion Portrait 1024px sq
Animal portraits are a favourite, these are off slide film

Thanks for visiting this profile and spending the time you have to caste your eye over it. If we share any interests, or if you just fancy a chat, connect with me and look out for me in the blogosphere. Andrew

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