Andrew Pascoe




Hi this is Andrew Pascoe, founder of Vision Personal Training. I was led into the fitness industry over 10 years ago by an insatiable passion for exercise in my early years which later developed into a strong desire to help others achieve their fat loss and fitness goals. I first picked up a weight when he was 13 years old and have been hooked on training ever since! During the past 11 years I have studied and worked hard to become an expert in personal training for fat loss. My work experience includes three years personal training in Saudi Arabia for the largest oil producing company in the world, personal training in some of Mayfair's most exclusive studios and working as a fitness educator - teaching other personal trainers through out the UK more effective ways to train and coach their clients for better results. Today I work with overweight, 30 - 50 year old business men in London, I help them to drop their level of body fat to sub 20% through my unique fat loss system the Vision Sub 20 Fat Loss Program. Growing up in Cornwall made me keen to exercise in the great outdoors and enjoy activities such as surfing and long runs on hilly coastal paths. I am currently training to look and feel great on my next holiday so I happily join you in your quest for a better body!