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Writer, co-author (with Penny and Thomas Power) of A Friend in Every City, published in April 2006 and launched in May 2006 in London. I am co-Leader of the Ecademy Writers and Publishers Club and an Ecademy Buddy. Make contact with me HERE, by email at or by Skype at andycoote.

Profile is in process of revision. Watch this space for changes. Meanwhile, do browse the profile below - it still gives a good flavour of who I am and some of what I do. Oh yes, and do connect with me. I look forward to talking with you.
Update 26th June 2005 - Spent two exciting and energetic days in Earls Court on Thursday and Friday last week learning more from Roger Hamilton about Wealth Dynamics. Wealth is not about money - it is about value and leverage and can come in finanacial, emotional or spiritual forms. Roger introduced us to the concept that wealth is actually what you have when the money is gone - your ability to recover and start again. The networking was brilliant and the difference between the Wealth Profiles was clearly displayed by their different approaches to a problem. I am a Creator with Mechanic and Star secondaries and I look forward to working with some of the people who were there this week to build business and to have fun. Remember, it's all really a game - learn the rules and play it to your best level. As the content percolates, expect changes - here and in me. My Wealth Profile Ecademy contributed over £13,000 to the Asian Tsunami appeal, mostly in the early stages after the disaster on Boxing Day 2004. Thank you to everyone who supported the appeal whether you did so through our page or another route. Roger Hamilton commented that the Yin to the Yang of passion is compassion - long may Ecademists show that quality in abundance. Visit my Blog at - Writer in Residence - Cornwall. I am a Creator with Mechanic and Star tendencies. The Wealth Profile adds a dimension to Myers Briggs and shows me why I've always been uncomfortable with a MB Introvert classification. In the WP, I have equal Introvert and Extrovert characteristics. My profile picture was taken in Brittany (near the Carnac Alignements) in June 2008. I will include below pictures that I have taken in the Cornwall area. More of my photos will be found on flickr. A seal taking the sun off the Manacles (The Lizard, Cornwall) I am a freelance writer and magazine journalist based in Falmouth, Cornwall with a background in IT, retail, B2B communications and sales. My CV is available by clicking on CV at the top of this profile. I'm now successfully relocated in West Cornwall where I'm writing and developing a local network. With Robert Rush, I started Ecademy Cornwall which is growing in numbers and in variety of members. Ecademy Cornwall celebrated its third birthday on July 17th, 2007. Here's to another great year! One of my primary activities in 2004 was to develop, as part of a team of people drawn from Business Networking Groups, the Test Valley Business Awards. In our first year we had over 130 entries from over 100 companies for our five awards. The awards dinner - held at Chilworth Manor near Southampton on October 13th - was a great success. We had around 150 guests in a night of celebration for the five winning companies. Exhausting but great fun! My change of direction in 2002 to become a writer rather than a consultant and trainer was helped by networking. I had a regular writing gig with SC Magazine on a freelance basis. That arose when I bumped into some people from EEMA who had been sponsors of my E-Commerce Scorecard Project (which went down with the dot coms) in 2000. They invited me to their conference on Web Services in Prague and from that I was able to pitch my first piece for SC. A later conference, also run by EEMA, gave me the opportunity to meet with and interview Whitfield Diffie, one of the pioneers of cryptography for computers with the Diffie Hellman Key Exchange and the basis of Public Key Cryptography. Networking was of great value in that situation and worked out to be a win-win for all concerned. A calm -- and very blue-- sea off the north coast of Cornwall, May 2005 Networking has occupied a lot of my time in the past few years. I was secretary of the Andover Mutual Business Group in 2003 and 2004 and was the Newsletter Editor for the Alliance of Business Consultants in 2004/5. I joined Ecademy in November 2003 and immediately found the combination of online and offline networking to be a winning combination. I threw myself into a hectic schedule of visits to Ecademy clubs across Hampshire and Surrey and in the process volunteered to set up Ecademy Test Valley with Nadine Taylor. The Test Valley club is, sadly, no longer active. Business writing should be the means by which I gain the time necessary to work on more creative writing projects. I submitted 10,000 words of a novel to the Lit Idol competition in early 2004. I didn't make the long list but the exercise was interesting and I learned a lot about putting together a piece of fiction of that length. My short play "Nobody Really Gets Hurt" was shortlisted and performed in the Basingstoke Haymarket Theatre's Write 2 Stage competition in January 2004. As co-moderator of Ecademy Writers and Publishers club with Nick Keith, I have the pleasure of meeting (so far mostly online) an amazing group of writers in many different genres and areas who inhabit Ecademy. Writing is a lonely process and Ecademy provides the coffee machine around which random conversations can happen. Ecademists are my workmates, really. As a small business, I am always on the lookout for business opportunities and for people with whom I can work when opportunities come up that are bigger than just me. It's that second category of people that I mostly meet in Ecademy. We may not have worked together yet, but there are a number of people with whom I hope to work in time. We only haven't done so yet because the time isn't right.
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