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Sign up to my three-weekly email newsletter, with tips on networking skills, strategy and online networking. Click here and fill in your email address in the subscription box. WHY ARE YOU HERE? WHY DID YOU JOIN ECADEMY? I believe that businesses can get a return on their investment from networking, it's just that so many don't know how to do so. By knowing why you are networking and what you want to achieve, it is possible to plan accordingly and get great, measurable results. People need to start thinking about their networking much more deeply. In my opinion, too many businesses network 'blind', attending events because someone told them to and joining groups because they like the buzz. To me, this is not sound business sense. I work on helping people put some sense and focus to their networking, working out what they want to achieve and which groups are best positioned to meet their needs. Do you know where the value of your Ecademy membership lies? Are you maximising your potential from being a part of this network? I wrote about where the real value in Ecademy lies in this blog. I was previously the Managing Director of Business Referral Exchange Networking, one of the UK's largest referral focussed networking companies and of Word of Mouse. Networking Strategy A business networking strategist, I work with companies on how to use networking tools to develop their businesses. Networking is not just about sales. Whether for lead generation, breaking down silos internally, recruitment and retention of top staff or developing future leaders, networking has a key role to play. I work with my clients to help recognise that role and put the strategy and skills in place to leverage it. Speaking
"I saw Andy present to an audience from a major investment bank. Andy had the audience in the palm of his hand throughout and it was clear that his content had massive relevance to them. There was extensive takeaway value in the presentation and there was no doubt in my mind that Andy's client had achieved tremendous value from the seminar." Joe Adams, Adams and Associates and Chairman of Academy of Chief Executives Group 11 Former MD and National Sales Manager, Encyclopaedia Britannica UK and Ireland
A former vice-president of the Professional Speakers Association of the UK, I regularly speak at conferences, seminars and team meetings about developing a strong word of mouth marketing strategy and how to approach networking meetings positively and productively. I also work with organisations who promote youth entrepreneurship and speak about networking to both undergraduate and MBA students at universities and business schools. Writing I have co-authored two books, 'Building a Business on Bacon and Eggs', co authored with Stephen Harvard Davis and Terence o'Halloran and the Amazon bestseller '...and Death Came Third! The Definitive Guide to Networking and Speaking in Public' with Peter Roper. ...and death came third! I have a monthly column for The National Networker, an online networking magazine based out of the US. Other contributors include Dr. Ivan Misner and it's well worth subscribing to if you are interested in networking. I also write articles for other magazines, newspapers and weblogs and you can subscribe to a regular series of my networking thoughts and stories on my blog AND WHAT DO I DO WHEN I'M NOT NETWORKING? I have a great tendency to burn the candle at both ends, and in the middle. As part of my fitness push, I swim several times a week and play golf (very badly) as often as I can. I can also occasionally be found wobbling around a Lake on waterskis, with fellow Ecademists who manage to look somewhat more graceful. During the football season you can find me shouting myself hoarse at Charlton Athletic and England matches. My interest in sports extends to annual visits to Wimbledon, athletics and cricket matches and in 2007I found myself watching England at the Rugby World Cup Final in Paris. I also love cooking, it is a great escape from the stresses of everyday life. And I love going to the theatre, cinema and concerts. In whatever time I have left, I like halfway intelligent tv (and some absolute rubbish - bot no talent shows or competitions for 'celebrities' I've never heard of) and reading non-fiction. CONNECTING WITH ME ON ECADEMY "People are interested in people who are interested in them" I welcome new genuine connections on Ecademy, but please don't just send me a message you have sent to countless others! Make it personal, show why you want to connect and what led you to me. Before you connect with me please read this blog. Connecting is not enough I look forward to hearing from you. NETWORKING IN NINETY MINUTES Are you struggling to get results from your networking? Do enough people refer you the right quality business? My double CD set, Networking in Ninety Minutes, may be just what you need. The first CD, 'How to Grow Your Business by Increasing Your Referrals' looks at how to implement a referrals strategy to maximise the new leads generated by clients, friends and business associates. The second CD, 'Networking with FOCUS. How to Increase the Return on Your Networking Investment' explores the best approach to selecting, joining and getting results from networking organisations, online and off. "Andy Lopata has consistently produced networking material that is of remarkable value and insight; 'Networking in 90 Minutes' is no exception. With success strategies that are straightforward and simple, yet powerfully cutting edge, this CD set belongs in the hands of anyone and everyone wishing to achieve optimum results from their networking efforts." Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling author and Founder of BNI "This CD pack is the perfect point to start to put a serious strategy into place, and is an essential investment for any serious business. So, the question is not why or when you should start working on this. The question is, what are you waiting for?" Ignacio Hernandez, Managing Director EMEA, Currencies Direct Limited "These CDs provide a great insight into how to focus your networking activities to maximise your return on investment and also claw back some work and social time by targeting the best events and maximising the activities related to them." Richard Alvin, Managing Editor, Business Matters magazine Click here to read more and order.


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