Angus Whitton



Managing Director at Journeyplan Ltd


Currently: Managing Director of JourneyPlan Ltd and you can find more detail about JourneyPlan  here.

Other interests are small business in general and while on that subject - I've enjoyed over ten years as a director in the Federation of Small Businesses in which I've also served as Regional Chairman.

I'm also a board member of the Business and Management Advisory Board of Adam Smith College in Kirkcaldy.

I live and work in Fife, and am based in Dunfermline - the ancient capital of Scotland, which is full of history and folklore and also has some thriving businesses.

 Personal Stuff Married, bus pass, but no zimmer! likes : food (plain and plenty), whisky (malt and blend) most animals - especially dogs and cats, real people, real beer and real life. Too many interests and too little time left to pursue them all but hopefully will get my priorities organised before it's all too late.

Dislikes: MLM (Magic Lotions & Miracles), FarmVile,95% of Labour politicians and 50% of the rest, cruelty, micro-management, bureaucracy, pc, tv reality shows, parties, plastic people,plastic pubs, over-population, those with: 1/ no vision, 2/ narrow vision, 3/ vision but rose tinted, 4/ full vision but who cannot will not see, also myself sometimes but that impairment is usually corrected by using whisky/beer goggles. Also, as you may now have gathered I don't like people who take themselves too seriously.:-)


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