Anna B Sexton

Anna b



Community developer, creative coach, facilitator, More to Life Mastery teacher, Self Esteem Enhancement mentor. Passionate about growing people who communities. Grow Your Own Community© is a 9 or 12 week course offering local residents the chance to learn creative coaching and project management tools and how these can be creatively applied to designing and running a successful community project. An optional element of the course, dependent on learner's abilities is the chance to work towards & achieve a Level 1-3 qualification. The residents will have the chance to boost the following range of their skills; • Team working & self directed learning skills • Research methods / Thinking skills / Project planning and proposal creation skills • Collecting sources of data / Presentation skills • Project development and delivery skills / Marketing and promotion skills • Project editing, reviewing and analysis skills Learners receive opportunities to; • Prosper from investing in learning by gaining a recognised qualification • Create richer, connecting times with their loved ones through learning coaching skills • Contribute to a thriving and vibrant community by creating a successful community project This product is measurable against the Tower Hamlets' Council Community Plan objectives to; • Provide effective local services • Improve employment skills • Improve educational aspiration and attainment • Foster greater community cohesion • Help people to live healthier lives Open To Create… trainer/assessors will support each individual to design, market, deliver and evaluate their unique idea for a 'community' focussed project. All participants will work towards an EdExcel Project qualification level 1, 2 or 3 - depending on pre course assessment of learner's capabilities.