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We are a Business Network & Workplace Collaboration Website. Head of the Curve.com first went fully online in 2010 and final development stages have been completed in 2011/2012. We now occupy a unique position with an online business network providing 'Team Solutions' by integrating essential tools in communication, management and collaboration inc. Web Conferencing and Project Management into a fully functioning business network. * All my LinkedIn contacts will have the option of a free period of full use of the features to evaluate the collaboration suite for themselves. For my Ecademy contacts please connect with me on LinkedIn or contact me direct for the same access offer. * Head of the Curve's 'solution' places all these features on a single platform, simple to use, easy to access and fully supported, maintained by us as the providers. All data stored on our servers is secure, our servers are all European based and the company is one of Europe's largest, they have Data Centres with the highest levels of security. Our network gives a level of collaboration enough to satisfy small management teams or can be scaled to service the largest corporation. With Head of the Curve you can manage your business and communicate and collaborate securely with anyone, safely exchange any amount of information using anything from a smartphone to a desktop. Full pricing structure can be found on our website with four packages to suit businesses ranging from small teams in a single business through to virtual businesses with a global spread to the largest of corporations. Our 'Enterprise' level package can incorporate multi-user needs and a Branding option and this will be part of the final release of our collaboration features early in 2012.
Connect - Networking
The business network is the centre of our collaboration services. It is a business network and as a network has many benefits in it's own right. Blogs, Event publicity, classified advertising, photo and video options, Video and Chat IM within your network. You can develop contacts or find new ones but most important of all, you can introduce all your present contacts, clients, customers and friends and then communicate, collaborate and manage using all the features on HotC.
Communicate - Web Conferencing
'HeadtoHeadMeetings' is Head of the Curve's web conferencing feature and a key part of our communication and collaboration suite. As with all our services it is 'Cloud' based, requires no downloads including invitees who are not members. The package includes full audio/video management, screen sharing, white board and all the required presentation features. We utilise VoIP so no extra telephone costs. For more information click Here. To try it out for yourself click 'Demo'.
Grow - Collaboration & Management
'HeadStart' Project management is soon to be made available and this will enable you to collaborate and manage any task with the users you appoint from your network. You can select the number of tasks and the file storage you require from the options available or with the 'Platinum' option, we can work together to help you meet your exact requirements. 'Emendo' Is our simultaneous online text editor, wherever you are you can edit and create a document in real time and with any number of people Collaboration and Management has never been so easy A basic level of service will give full use of the network with all the features and functions you would expect with one or two extras like a Video IM. The full feature set can be found on the website. Our Basic package also allows for one project and some file storage but for full access to web conferencing at 25 attendees and a much larger number of projects and greater file storage 'Business Plus' is the most best choice. Our 'Business' option gives 5 attendees for web conferencing and fewer projects and slightly less file storage, all details can be found on the website. The whole service is fully scalable so with the 'Enterprise' option we can tailor a package to suit your needs, multi-users, meeting duration, file storage or even unlimited projects. You can also brand your network with your business/ company logo and name. Just click on the enquiry button on our "Service Selection" page and one of our sales team will be in touch to discuss your requirements. Standard Packages: Basic - Free, Business - £9.00, Business Plus - £21.60 Enterprise - By Application This whole service is due for imminent release in March/April 2012, £21.60/$34.50/€26 per month will buy you 20 projects with 10GB file storage, 25 attendee web conferencing, simultaneous online text editor and much more. Unbeatable!
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