Anya "Virtual Assistant" Portnik

Anya "virtual

Assistant" portnik


Virtual Blue Bird brings to you virtual assistance that is personal to youÂ…. A bit about Virtual Blue Bird Virtual Blue Bird is a UK based company, specialising in providing virtual personal assistance. Our business model focuses on clients that are typically seeking technical and specific virtual assistance from fields as varied as publishing, banking and sales. With our wide-ranging in-house virtual assistants who are experts in their respective fields, Virtual Blue Bird is designed to accommodate and alleviate pressure for time-expensive individuals with solutions designed to empower them with the ability to do more. We are an open, dynamic and free thinking company and we will work to evolve your business and deliver what you require to move you forward. SERVICES We are here to support the client and so the services that we provide range enormously depending on what the client wants. Most of our clients come to us because they decide to change the strategy of their business or require additional support to produce more sales. The most common services that we provide are: * Strategy building * Creation of marketing plans * Introduction to the right people in the market * Advice on sales techniques Once we know everything about the business, we implement the required tasks and support our clients to reach their goals. The range of tasks we implement is large and wide ranging. A small selection of these are: * Warm calling * Answering clients questions * Research * Data gathering * Promotion of the products * Image/ Logo design and enhancement * Event creation and management * Networking with clients * Management of clients databases * Staff management * Photoshop We provide a unique solution of consultation and implementation. We work very hard to make sure that the client achieves the results that they want. We are here to support you 100% in everyday life, be it professional or private. Hope to hear from you soon, Anya Director 0787 0777 017 create your own visited country map or check our Venice travel guide


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