Arthur Partridge



Co owner at Launch Pad Social Media


Having spent 33 years in various planning and administrative roles for a Blue Chip Multinational, in 2000, I started AyPeeCo to help people and small businesses who got stuck.. Four years in retail, serving customers, staff and suppliers alike, added to my experience; where I also trained staff in all aspects of service and clarifying the mechanics of human behaviour to the benefit of all. Over a 20 year period in Basketball, I learned about people from people as a referee , a coach, as Chairman of Surrey Basketball League, Surrey Area Basketball Committee and Surrey Basketball Executive and as Chairman of The London Basketball Region. My NLP was learnt from whom, I consider, are the best: Dr Richard Bandler - the co-developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP) and the creator of Design Human Engineering™ (DHE). Michael Neill - Master NLP Trainer. The bestselling author of "You Can Have What You Want" and "Feel Happy Now". An internationally renowned success coach John La Valle MBA - Master NLP Trainer. The President of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ Paul McKenna PHD - Master NLP Trainer. Probably the world's most famous Hypnotist and TV Personality. Paul provides strategies for life improvement . His books include 'Change your life in 7 days', 'Instant Confidence' and I Can Make You Thin'. I'm here to make positive and mostly life changing diffrerences to peoples' lives. Specialties Confidence and Performance Coaching Neuro-Linguistics (NLP), Hypnosis Training in Customer engagment, Selling through service, Community in Business. Combat Fears, Phobias, Habits and Addictions Weight Control and Smoking cessation Unconscious Reading Life skills


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