2012, a year to get seriously social

What's Next Social Media Event - 6th February 2012 I've noticed a step change in people's responses to social media in the past 12 months. Social media is no longer something that is on the fringes, clients I speak with are increasingly familiar with Ecademy, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This means that I am one-step further down the path to converting conversations into clients as I don't have to sell the idea that social media has real business benefits. And it's why Allan Blair-Beaton and I have spent the past four months orchestrating the forthcoming social and digital marketing conference, Whats Next, set for February 6 in Cardiff. Both Thomas and Penny Power will be there, giving keynote presentations and I'm of the opinion that if anyone can inspire people to weave social media into their workflow, they can. I have been an Ecademy member now for about four years, I've made great contacts, both professionally and personally. I have a network of people who I can turn to when I have questions, when I need support, and when I want to highlight the success I'm having in my business. Now is one of those times. February's event is genuinely one of the highlights in my life at present. We are honored to present 10 seminars covering many areas within digital marketing. Of course, this is my business but those of you who know me well, know it's also my passion and I'm driven to host an event that delivers. 2012 will be a landmark year in Social Media. New platforms will emerge, and new functionality will expand the scope for business engagement, virtually day by day. And for every SME, there's a clear choice to be made: embrace the new technologies and start a transformation - or let it slip by, while competitors take control of a changing market. What's Next Event is for every small business owner who knows they could be doing so much more with Social Media: more to reach out and touch new prospects, more to engage with customers, more to sell more products, more oftenÂ…everything the social web has to offer.
  • We can promise you:
  • A fast-paced, cutting-edge day, tailored to the needs of SMEs
  • No-nonsense, info-intensive sessions, where no-one sells from the stage
  • A bespoke experience: attend 3 seminars from a choice of 10
  • Access to hordes of free and low-costs social and digital platforms
  • Keynotes from Thomas and Penny Power - founders of Ecademy
  • A host of leading UK Digital Marketing practitioners and Trainers
  • See the list of speakers and trainers below
You'll also have a chance to network with forward thinking professionals from the worlds of Marketing, PR, Digital, Branding, Mobile and Web Design - not to mention Higher Education, a sector that's rapidly embracing Social Media. The event is being sponsored by Hootsuite and staged at the prestigious ATRiuM at the University of Glamorgan in Cardiff South Wales.

Thomas Power Keynote Speaker

Thomas PowerIf you're going to ask anyone the burning question "What's Next?", ask a man who built a social network before social networks existed! That man is Thomas Power, who co-founded Ecademy back in 1998. Since then, Thomas and his wife Penny have created a global operation, with a thriving world-wide online community.And Thomas is still exploring the future state of the web. In 2010, he put forward the concept of The Facebook Bank, causing mutterings in financial services and governments worldwide. Read More

Penny Power Keynote Speaker

Penny Power - In 1998, Penny and her husband Thomas Power founded Ecademy - the UK's first social network for business. Today, with Ecademy members in over 200 countries, Penny continues to work at grass roots, helping SMEs to connect and prosper through the social web.Penny attributes Ecademy's success to the sense of community that's built up across the network. Members are committed to supporting each other, by sharing advice, contacts and opportunities. Read MoreEven now, no other business network provides the same level of trust and engagement.

Alun Cairns MP - Keynote Speaker

Alun Cairns MP - "The What's Next Event will help provide SMEs with a rare opportunity to listen and learn from a host of social media and technology experts on the opportunities that digital space can offer their businesses."Social media is a must for new businesses, and I'm certain that the seminars and sessions on offer at What's Next will be brimming with bright and innovative information and challenges for business owners in Wales, helping them develop their business through online communication and marketing." Read More Read More

William Buist - Teaching Google +

William Buist is Managing Director of Abelard - a South Wales company helping start-ups and SMEs to network and collaborate using social media tools.Before discovering the social web, William held a raft of senior posts with Lloyds TSB Insurance, then moved to a career in corporate change management.Since 2004, he's been working with social tools and paying strong attention to online community development. His successes include the growth of Ecademy's Life Members Community - a premium group of entrepreneurs and business owners. Read More

Mick Say - Teaching Digital Marketing

Mick Say - Online Marketing Academy: Mick Say has two passions in life: business and technology. He's been tinkering with techy things since Bill Gates was a lad, and he's notched up over 30 years in Sales, Marketing and Business Development.Today, through The Online Marketing Academy, Mick is using both his passions to help clients dominate their business category online.With a fully immersive programme of training, support and resources, the Academy gives clients every advantage that the web can bring. That ranges from increased exposure and customer acquisition to brand loyalty, retention, referrals and customer lifetime value. Read More

Allan Blair-Beaton - Teaching Twitter for Business

Allan Blair-Beaton is a born networker, who's spent his whole life making connections online and off. His contact book was bulging long before the advent of Twitter, thanks to years of travelling and a passion for the art of conversation.These days, Allan is linked to tens of thousands of people online. And as MD of Social B2B, he's flexing his connections to promote a broad client base through a mix of social platforms. Read More

Mark Sinclair - Teaching Digital Video

Mark Sinclair has spent the last 15 years in key business development and marketing roles. Most recently, in 2005, he founded yourBusinessChannel - an online TV channel dedicated to boosting performance in business.yBC features a whole series of themed business channels, with over 2500 videos sharing the latest proven, actionable strategies. Videos include detailed interviews with leaders from pioneering brands including Microsoft, Skype, BlackBerry, Virgin Galactic, HSBC and Cisco. Read More

Matt Hodkinson - Teaching Social Media Monitoring

Matt Hodkinson is Founder and Chief Listening Officer at Influence Agents - a Social Media Monitoring & Research Agency, helping clients to gauge and protect their brand reputation online.His philosophy is "Two ears, one mouth, for the digital generation"Â…believing business owners can profit from Social Media by listening more intently. Matt started his professional career as a Consultant in the IT industry, before moving into Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing. Three years ago, with the emergence of Social Media Monitoring technology, Matt's work took on a new direction, with exciting new projects in the worlds of Fashion and Action Sports. Influence Agents followed soon after. Read More

Amanda Hill - Teaching Facebook for Business

Amanda HillAmanda Hill is a one-woman guide through the social media maze. A former Journalist and Events Manager, she now runs The Social Media Cafe, helping every kind of business to find their voice and spread their message through the web's most popular spaces.Her weapon of choice is Facebook, where she opens doors for clients by sharing their needs with a global but targeted audience. It's a process that's brining in contracts worth tens of thousands and moreÂ…and she's found that one door opens another, so referrals keep on coming. Read More

James Potter - Teaching LinkedIn for Business

James Potter is the leading provider of sales and commercial LinkedIn training and consultancy. I work with businesses trying to make more sales and make LinkedIn work for them.Over the last 24 years I have gained a broad range of experience as a sales professional and director, spanning IT, management consultancy and software development, working in a variety of public and private sector markets.I started using LinkedIn© when I was in corporate life as a Sales Director as it enabled me to get new relationships, remind clients of breadth of value, and get engagements worth over £10 million in sales. Read More

Gareth Jenkins - Social Media & the Law

Gareth Jenkins is a Trade Mark Attorney at Wynne-Jones, Laine & James LLP - a firm of Patent and Trade Mark specialists, helping clients to identify, protect and exploit their Intellectual Property Rights.Gareth acts for a variety of clients, from individuals to multinationals in fields such as Fashion, Cosmetics, Finance and Healthcare. He works extensively on global Trade Mark portfolios, counterfeiting issues and the assignment of Intellectual Property Rights. Read More

Anton Faulconbridge - Mobile Applications

Anton Faulconbridge is a digital technologist with a long standing passion for mobile and the future of 'personal technology'. With degrees in Physics, Music and Computing, Anton developed his first website way back in 1994, before gaining a wealth of commercial experience in the world of software.Since 2003, Anton has been Managing Director of Rantmedia, a mobile solutions agency with a client list that includes Jaguar Land Rover and other international brands.He spends his days working with interactive, immersive mobile apps and games. Read More

Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan has been immersed in internet marketing for nearly 10 years, cutting his teeth on over 250 websites. As a search engine expert, he's built a strong reputation for helping businesses to attract high volumes of traffic and turn visits into sales.In 2008, Gareth set up Liberty, an online marketing agency, which has quickly grown to become one of the largest in the UK. Liberty offers ethical and transparent online marketing services, including Pay Per Click Management, Website Copywriting and Organic SEO. Read More

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