24 hour "instant" competition : Book prize offered .. excellent stocking filler

Whatever You Think .. Think The Opposite .... before you decide what you really think !Confused ?? You won't be IF you adopt this principle and apply it strictly to all life's trials and tribulations. The extra time spent thinking the opposite .. will magically reduce the time you spend dealing with the wrong stuff. Simples ! And you'll be more relaxed and in control of your life :)Christmas week is an excellent week to start (no need to wait for a New Year's resolution)All contributors to this thread before 2.00pm (UK time) tomorrow go into the prize draw which is a signed** copy of Whatever You Think .. Think The Opposite by Paul ArdenReading this book will change your life in 2012 ! Waddayathink ?? PS Legal disclaimer**Sadly the author died in 2008 ... so I make it clear that I've signed the book ;)