5 sound ways to seriously improve your sales results

Most of my clients at the moment are asking for ways to improve their sales results - businesses are still hurting and are desperate for ways to STAY in business.So my monthly Youtube clip shares 5 ways to improve YOUR sales results. I also share this month's 'never in our wildest dreams story' - Pat Armistead lost her relationship; her business and her home, so she did what everyone does who has just been through such massive life changes - she went to clown school. Read her story on www.neverinourwildestdreams.comAnd have a great week. Ann Sign up to our fortnightly issue of Powertools; a regular supply of business ideas; business tips and business tools for growing your business and receive a copy of Riding The Waves. 39 entrepreneurs share tips for doing business in turbulent times. PLUS you will have access to 20 free tools, e-books and templates. Ann Andrews CSPThe Corporate Tool-boxOnline Business and Training Resources