7 Web Site Mistakes That Small Businesses Make

7 Web Site Mistakes That Small Businesses Make

Hows your website doing? Is it working for you? Looking for some improvement? Then read on….

7 Web Design mistakes small businesses make

Compel to sell?:

You can do anything you want with a webpage! Whether it’s a contact page, about us page or shopping page, make each page a pleasure to land on. Use layout, colour, psychology, copy and visual as a reinforcement to make the user do what you want them to do.
Make each page compel to sell.


The jump off

Many businesses still treat webpages like they did in the noughties with focus on the homepage as a landing page and a generic follow on page design for other content, however, today the homepage is not necessarily where a user will land. The chances are that a user will land on any given page of your website that’s been shared or promoted (especially if theres a blog).

To take advantage of this, give as much attention in terms of design and copy to all your website pages so they’re all treated as important as a homepage.


Get Responsive

Is your site optimised for mobile use? A year or two ago you could have got a way without doing so but now you really do need a responsive design.   It’s actually pretty astonishing how many people are using a mobile to browse the web instead of a desktop. What’s more interesting is how people are actually disregarding pages that are too hard to navigate via a mobile. You don’t have much of a choice now but to invest in a responsive designed website.

Support – The biggest whammy

Many businesses invest in websites but then invest nothing in maintaining it. Most startups we work with realise within a year (if not months) that

  1. They need new content
  2. They need new graphics
  3. They need new pages
  4. The site has been hacked
  5. They need support

Theres no point in waiting it out. Get support to make the most of your site.


Invest in photos/graphics. You can buy photos fit for purpose and the photos make a huge visual impact on your customers.

Get a blog

Investing in a static site brochure site may be what you think you need but unless you’ve got some other form of solid marketing to promote your site you’re going to need a blog in addition to your brochure site. It’s going to be the voice of your business and essentially what gets you heard.


You have to put some effort into your website. Building it and letting it sit won’t help you in any way. If you really want to get something out of having a website, work on it weekly if not daily.

Hows your website doing? Is it working for you? Looking for some improvement? Then read on….