8 ways to increase Twitter followers

8 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers1. Tell them about itPeople can' t follow a Twitter feed they don't know about. Put the link everywhere you can. Email signatures, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn are good places to start online. Don't forget the "real" world too: business cards, headed paper, and any promotional brochures or flyers should have your username on them too!2. #hashtag as much as you canHashtags collect tweets on a certain subject, so a user can see what Twitter users think of #socialmedia, for instance. Find out which hashtags are relevant to your business and use them. You could even create your own! Don' t forget the popular ones, too, such as #fail or #followfriday3. Get involved in trending topicsTrending topics show on Twitter's front page, and they're a great way of putting your feed in front of eyeballs. Don' t tweet about something just because it' s trending, though; make sure it' s relevant and fits in with your business' voice.4. Tweet picturesPictures are worth a thousand words. So when you' re limited to 140 characters, they're great value! This has now been made much easier with Twitter's partnership with Photobucket.5. Integrate your feed into your websitePeople won't be checking your website every hour. But when they do, showing them your feed increases the chance they'll follow you and let you engage with them daily.6. Beat a hasty retweetRetweeting shows you're not using Twitter to just talk about yourself; you're listening too.7. QuotesPeople love quotes and will retweet any good ones you share. The best ones are the most applicable. For instance, Agatha Christie wrote "The secret to getting ahead is getting started." Who can't relate to that?8. Talk to your followersIf they like you, they'll recommend you, so don't use Twitter as a soapbox. Spend time listening and conversing with your followers. If your followers like you, they' re more likely to recommend and buy from you.How do you Tweet to your following and how has this helped you gain credibility through Twitter? Cémanthe HarrisOwner and FounderNew Media Angels | Social InfluenceTel: (+44) 07886 593 076 | Skype: cemantheinfo@NewMediaAngels.com | www.NewMediaAngels.comcemanthe@socialinfluence.org.uk| www.socialinfluence.org.ukMy profiles: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter