A networking day to remember..

It started bleary eyed at 5:30AM when my wife deposited me at Herne Bay train station.Destination - busy day. I met with Mike Turner at Victoria Station, London at 8AM to discuss a new business venture over a full English breakfast, mission accomplished and wheels set in motion. Next up to a private meeting at the very traditional Caledonian Club with several Ecademy members, another motivational meeting with some Awesome people and Demos.....Love ya really Demos xxThen travelled by cab with Penny, Mike, Demos and Chris to "StartUp 2012" at the Department for Business, Innovations and Skills Where we met with several other Ecademy members and about 300 other business people for an afternoon of networking and presentations etc, about auntrepenuership and the year of enterprise.During the break we were all asked to put our business cards in a bucket for a draw to win a 1-2-1 in the back of a car with Former Dragon Doug Richard whilst travelling the London sightseeing route.Demos predicted I would win the awesome opportunity to spend an hour with Doug Richard and with odds of 300 to 1 - I stood as good a chance as anyone...Imagine my surprise when the draw was made and I actually wonÂ…Picture the scene, me and Doug Richard in the back of a pristine vintage Mini with a driver and a videographer in the front... It was intimate to say the least.During the journey Doug, a guy with an awesome sense of humour expertly guided the conversation and gave me brilliant advice; his depth of knowledge of my industry and line of work was as surprising as it was welcomed and appreciated. Imagine the absolute pleasure of sitting in an audience of 300 people one moment and then being whisked away for a 121 with one of your business idols the next, wow what a rush....Thanks to all of my ecademy friends and Doug Richards for making this a very special dayÂ…MickMick Say and Doug Richards Ride !

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