A Strategy for Twitter

I remain of the opinion that Twitter is a search engine to rival Google and with the same emerging adsense business model. I love using Twazzup and Twitter Search and strongly encourage you to familiarise yourself in depth with Twitter. Study what people are saying about you, your niche, your marketplace, your products, your services, your rivals and of course your peers. Even your enemies or those that perturb you.Get deep inside the minds of others look for patterns, shapes and trends through observation and learn to welcome new thoughts in your mind. Accept the twitter environment is open, random and supportive and recognise things you don't understand are important. Also recognise that people you don't know are often more important than people you do know.Avoid using your judgment, experience, track record and expertise as I find these so called virtues are increasingly unreliable over time, particularly online.Good luck and I hope you enjoy my video ramblings courtesy once again of Mark Sinclair.