Aligning Our Values

When our personal values clash with the values declared by the organisation we work for, there's a very high probability that we will feel that misalignment every day. We are after all human beings and as such we all have values that hold meaning and importance for us.Here's a practical example. Imagine you work for a PLC and it's publicly stated value is "Respect for the Individual" however, every day you run into self limiting behaviours from leadership that don't reflect that value. Colleagues are bullied, suppliers mistreated, customers undervalued.Within you, as an individual, there will be a battle going on that sees the misalignment of the declared value and the reality of the behaviours of the leadership. Successful implementation of the values alignment model, run assessments of the whole leadership team which enables them to see the bottom line effects of their actions upon the organisation as a whole.The result of such assessments is that leadership teams see that the only way to improve their overall performance is to implement the changes themselves, in other words to live the values over a period of time that in turn enables their colleagues to see the shift from 'talking' a value to 'living' the value.You may be interested in seeing what a values assessment is like and curious how you'd come out yourself based on the 10 current values that represent who you are right now. The end result provides data, something to work on, something to learn from.You can take your free Personal Values Assessment here.
MartinPhoto: Shutterstock