All Sales People are Liars

Eventually, I'd get used to the smell of burning flesh but I never got used to the sound of a sternal saw cutting through breast bone.Picture Credit: Blowing Smoke by Bill Gracey  The naked man lay between the consultant and I.“Oh, you’re a salesperson. Aren’t all salespeople liars?”Picture Credit:  Terry Tibbs, Cockney car salesman from Rickmansworth, AKA Kayvan Novak, Facejacker. It was my second day in theatre, third day in my new job, completely new industry.  I could feel the blood draining from my face.  A dry mouth, clammy hands, and pounding heart almost bursting out of my chest.  “Absolutely not, no!”  I was thinking how dare you, but didn’t say it. “Perhaps that’s been your experience but I can assure you, I’m not like that.Fortunately for you, if I tell a lie, my face turns bright red & I start twitching.”The consultant raised his eyebrows.I spent the next couple of hours standing by the patient’s head watching the operation, a triple heart by-pass.Picture credit: Angiogram of Healthy Heart by SPL/Photo Researchers, Inc. The consultant surgeon gave a running commentary just for me.  "I'm going to release the clamp, don't blink or you'll miss the myocardium pinking-up.  Did you see it? Did you see it?"Some people think sales is a dirty word.  But we’re all in sales whether the word's in our job title, or not.  The thought of selling might make you feel like a rabbit in car headlights.  Others take to it better than Harry Potter flying on his first broomstick.  Like many things, the more you practice, the better or more comfortable you can get at it, but only if you're inspired.Watching an operation on a still, motionless, human heart, then seeing it burst back into full pumping life, is off the scale for inspiration.Forget return on investment.  This is return on inspiration.If you're inspired by what you do, it's contagious.  Let everybody you come across catch some of the goodness.Photo: Patty McGee, First Female Professional Skateboarder To be inspired or inspiring, you must be honest with yourself.  With your customers. With everybody.Though sometimes, honesty's not what people want to hear.  Be honest anyway.What you truly are will come out sooner or later. 

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