… And My Punishment MIGHT be Death! (Updated)

Life is just not fair!Capital punishment was abolished finally in 1998 although the last hanging in the UK was back in 1964.Before then, if you murdered someone or committed a capital crime and you were caught, you would have been subjected to months of waiting for your trail, perhaps weeks of being tried and finally a wait while 12 jury members decided if you were guilty or not. If you were found guilty a further few weeks would pass whilst the judges decided upon your fate.In the worst case you would stand before the judge who would put a black cap on his head and say to you .."You shall be taken to the place from whence you came, and from there be taken to a place of execution. You shall be hung by the neck until the body be dead... dead... DEAD!"The judge would bring down the hammer each time he said the word 'dead'!Fortunately there would often be months of waiting while the legal process was allowed to continue in the form of appeals, retrials, etc.Finally if all failed you would be taken to a place of execution and have a noose put around your neck. Ten seconds later you would be dead!Â… PAUSE Â…Last week on Wednesday 18th July I went before my judge, an Oncology Consultant who calmly told me that my cancer had returned and that it was terminal. He said to me, you have just THREE to SIX months to live.Â… PAUSE Â…Â… continued on my BLOG!RegardsJim TuffinHome: 02380-361-648 - Mob: 07890-328-768 - Sky: BIZTIMEBlog: http://www.jtuffin.co.uk