Are corporations threatening our democracies?

Corporations threaten democracy

Dear Ecademists,Exactly four years ago Kai Ryssdal has published on Marketplace a podcast from Charles Handy that corporations threaten democracy!Handy mentioned in his podcast:
I have one plea. Could you please do what is necessary to restore our faith in the corporations of business, a faith that has been so damaged in recent years? The tall towers that house our corporations are the new palaces of our day, the places where real power resides, but those towers are full of paradoxes. Made of glass, you can't see inside.

They're pillars of our democracy, but they are run as totalitarian states.

Their names are reduced to a set of initials. Their leaders are unknown to those outside. They are accountable, for the most part, to other institutions that sit in similarly anonymous towers. To the average person, they are foreign entities shrouded in mystery. It is no wonder that we look at them with suspicion, touched with envy.
I thought that this fourth anniversary of Charles Handy's speech is important, particularly as we still don't know, after almost one year since March 11, 2011, how many local Japanese officials are still on TEPCO's payroll?

What do you think?

Are Corporations threatening our democracies?Please feel free to comment!Have a great and happy new week!Best,- Lucas

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