Are the Tanker Drivers really that badly off?

With the Tanker Drivers decision to move ahead with industrial action, why is it they feel hard done by? With a salary of around £45,000 they are now sitting in the higher tax bracket, not loosing thier child tax credit, so are looking fairly comfortable.With a declining economy, with retailers going to the wall on a weekly basis, they have a steady job with a decent salary! With hundreds of thousands of people especially 20 somethings looking for any kind of job, plus hidden millions who taken reduction in hours or salaries to stay in their work or gone part time to stay in work, they have a steady reliable future.I think the public will like me have little sympathy for these workers who are throwing the country into chaos, with panic buying at the pumps, with unhelpful comments from a number of members of the Government we already have people queuing, maybe even filling up Jerry cans for the garage.So please sort this quickly stop the panic, think differently and for the good of Society and the good of community get around the table and resolve this.What steps are you taking not to be impacted by this rumour of a potential problem?Let me know your thoughts?Dave Dave FoodProphetic Technology Touching tomorrow, todayRCF Church in Reality Books I recommend - New thinking for a new day