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Are you serious about business or...

Are you serious about business or...

Having reflected for a while (not a thing I am known to do very often), I have come to a conclusion that a significant change in membership of this site is required.For whilst it may not look life threatening, the illness is creeping up and required radical changeThat is to start to differentiate people and their seriousness about business.So to that end I propose the following "levels" for the "new ecademy"1) blackstar life - stay as it is2) levels of membership that identify:a) board member/ director of a plcb) board member/ director of a ltd companyc) registered partnershipd) sole trader trading for more than 2 yearse) pre/ new start business in sole trader formf) otherIf this is to be a serious site, then we need to know who is who.All members are on PN level with the ability to post 2 public blogs a weekpay as you go for:block of additional blogseach auto renew market place adone event per month (paid) - others as you goThis differentiation will help ecademy by helping to identify potential market/ sales opportunities, i.e. who might buy what technology/ insurance/ other professional services etcradical - yeschallenging for some - yesmakes business sense - yessustainable as a marketplace/ network - well it gives it a chance

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