Banned from sending email!!!

According to today's Daily Telegraph staff at French IT services company ATOS are to be banned from sending each other emails because they "waste time and are outdated". Instead they will be encouraged to use a chat-type collaborative service inspired by Facebook and Twitter."Thierry Breton, the CEO of Atos and a former French finance minister, wants a "zero email" policy to be in place within as early as 18 months, arguing that only 10 per cent of the 200 electronic messages his employees receive per day on average turn out to be useful."What do you think? Do you, like me, spend an inordinate amount of time each day pressing the delete button just to keep ahead of spam? Maybe you feel proud of your efficiently managed "rules" system that filters everything off to folders already marked as read in the expectation that you may one day need the "valuable" information contained therein, or are you much rather "living in the moment" and communicating by text, twitter or good old fashioned spoken word?Once upon a time we relied upon the telegram, telex and fax as a principal means of fast electronic communication, yet all three of these are, or are as good as, obsolete. When was the last time you sent or received a fax for instance? I haven't owned a fax machine for years and long ago gave up my subscription to a "fax to email" service.I'm pretty sure I'm not making it up when I recall that I've recently read that despite the growth in the internet the total number of emails sent worldwide has declined since last year. Perhaps a kindly techie could correct or verify that comment. So what do you think?With apologies to the DT I've cribbed their poll to see just what Ecademy members (who I'm sure are pretty big users of electronic communication) have to say about this. Please take a look here and vote now. One thing you can guarantee is that I won't be sending you the result by email ;)Thank you Mike Turner