Barnardo's Child Models And Actors Tell Abuse Victim's Story

With the help of male models and actors Barnardo's has launched a new advertising campaign emphasising its 'Believe in Children' message.The campaign includes an advertisement called 'Life Story' which features teen models and child models who, along with an adult male model, collectively tell the story of abuse victim 'Michael'.The character is shown as an adult at the beginning of the advertisement, presumably talking to a Barnardo's support worker. He is quite animated and positive and mentions his girlfriend and the baby that they're expecting.As the story progresses Michael becomes younger, cutting through a total of five life stages. The further he goes back, the clearer it is for viewers to see the impact of his abuse, how much help he needs, and the ways in which the Barnardo's charity has improved his outlook due to their intervention. It ends with the line, "It doesn't have to end like it began. Join us to fight for a child's future."Barnardo's helps people at each life stage and really can change the futures of those who are able to benefit from the services that it provides.UK Director of marketing and business change at Barnardo's, Diana Tickell, said: "The advert will reach both existing and new supporters by letting them know about the vital work we do."It has a high emotional impact that will resonate strongly with viewers and challenge them to rethink their attitudes towards troubled children and young people. It will leave them feeling there is much that can be done and that they can help us make a difference."Telling the stories of the young people we work with is the most powerful way we have of communicating the possibility for change."Modelling agency Models Direct hope that the campaign is a big success for the charity.

Suzy O'Connor, Operations Director, Models Direct
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Let me help you find a model, or perhaps you or someone you know is considering becoming a model.