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BlackStar BUG day grows my Klout ...

We all know about Klout, don't we? ok a lot of us are still learning. Thomas put a blog out about Klout and PeerIndex recently.As Thomas has mentioned companies are now not even INTERVIEWING in the IT industry if your score is less than 50. As I am studying to become a digital coach, this alarmed me. I need to get my score up. After the BlackStar BUG day and gaining a great amount of insight on how it is done. I have taken the first step:bye bye BlackBerry. My Android device is now on order and I will be using my6sense (I opted for Android over iphone after some great advice from Louis Gray)I have been more active on friendfeed - by the way this thing is going to be huge, it is brilliant.I have set up more feeds than ever before on my Google reader and I am sharing A LOT more than ever before.in one week my Klout score has gone up by 5 points! and I do not even have the Android yet! Warm RegardsDemos FlouriWeb Design | SEO | Logo Design | Leaflet Design | Graphic Design