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Blimey ! What a contradiction ! Thinking books and business stuff !

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Dear ecademists,The ecademy develops more an more to a veritable source of inspiration for me. Thank you !There's a lively thread going on here in the No. 1 Club about favourite books for businessWhat kind of books get you finally to action and further develop your business ?a) Business stuff: Plain technical books about the 'How to . . . ' including detailled description re. eg. marketing plan, tax filing, drawing proposal sheets ?b) Thinking books: Books written almost like life stories, fairytales or 'out of the box' like Blink! by Malcolm Gladwell or Winning by Jack Welsh ?What counts more to you . . . Top 10 on Amazon or the top 10 list of the New York Times ?What's your religion ?Kynic regards,Andreas Wiedow . . . *schmunzelgrins* . . .Notes re. the advertising part of this blog: - Promotion of No. 1 Club- Reading books- Andreas Wiedow . . . Wednesday call for all 'Goodrater's' to withdraw their 'Goodrating'. Thank you. - Dyslexic English . . . feel free to contact me via pm if you have trouble reading and understanding the above . . .