blists hill victorian town

because alan told us there was in telford a museum what looked like the zuiderzee museum we went there on a real almost autumn day blists hillwhen we entered there in this smart town ironbridge what looks great a beautiful little town what was was so smart to build so many museums that they always will be visitednot now for industry of iron but for the industry of pleasure and knowledgewe used the soap because pictured this way it could be our artand coming in the museum it was smashing the made an impressive film from the iron the past fire and the sounds it was a smashing coming in it we enjoyed it some things even more the man in the bank who gave us a blists hill coin -the old english onesthe one who showed us how the candles can be made the one in the post office who used the seals so great and showed usthe scones what i started to eat when it started raining at the end of my visit the hill and the riverit was harvest day and in the church they had all the harvest products the priest in the church told me they gave it on the end of the day to the poor and that sounded niceenjoyed being there