Body Intelligence versus The Intellect: Which is the Greater?

Of course a complex question and these are not the forums for complex questions, merely the soil to plant seeds, have some discussion perhaps and move on. The real work is the work on ourselves, not the work of proving our point superior to others. Many go to the grave, trying to save the world, but forget to save themselves; the product of a distorted understanding of the real message of any religion.When it comes to instinct which is all but forgotten, nature has taken this in its own hands, and whenever we impose our own beliefs and intellect on our body, then all our natural instincts will be messed up and we're only left with perversions.All the religions have been doing this for millennia and all religions have been against the enjoyment of the body which is why we're mostly so hung up in the head.If people accept the desires of the body, the naturalness of the body, then this attitude alone will help them tremendously. It will nourish heart, sharpen focus and intelligence and give an innocence of the child and of the animal. You don't see small children or animals hung up in the head now, do you?All nourishment for the intellect comes from the body ( where else ) and if the body is in an unnatural state, not only will it be diseased (as a general rule only of course) but our intelligence, heart and emotions will also be at odds with reality and will make it more difficult to be at ease. This lack of recognition of the source will have a whip lash effect of course. A harmony of body, mind and heart will lead us back to our centre, slowly and surely and the power of the intellect can then be utilised in the service of humanity, not before.When there is disharmony of heart, body and intellect, then all intelligence flies out the window because without the intrinsic intelligence of the body recognised, accepted and embraced, all that will come from any of us will be a war of words. A war of course within ourselves and then inflicted on everyone around us, for their own good of course.A wise person is one who has accepted the wisdom of the body and who uses it in the service of her quest for truth, love and beauty. Intellect on its own is cruel, cold and egoistic and without compassion and understanding is a waste of a person's energy and intelligence. SamSam BorrettPerformance Coach, Trainer, Real Estate, Mentor, Lawyer, Facilitator, Life ConstellationsMentoring4ChangeJupiter Properties Pty. Ltd.PO Box 241 Brunswick Heads, NSW, 2483Australia