C'mon Ecademy, let's make Robert Craven A Best-Selling Author

Loads of people have responded with kind words to my blog about Robert Craven's book Grow Your Service Firm.Great but ...Did you buy the book? That was my point. There is so much rubbish out there on the market so when you find a decent book, that's well written, well executed and it works, maybe you should buy it.Buy two copies because everyone of you has someone you know who needs this book.Ecademy from what I've seen benefits incredibly from the value Rob delivers to this community on a daily basis. He's written a good book worth buying. I've tried some of the ideas and they work IF you do what he says.So buy his book. Let's make Rob a best selling author. You can get it from Amazon or go via my link if you want to Click here for Rob's book
and scroll down to the link. Andrew Priestley