Closing in on retirement? Check these 13 mistakes 55-65 year olds make before they retire

Oh dear - wish I'd read this when I was 45!! Check the first 5:Retiring too soon. (Me - I never want to retire)Spending too much. (Me - yes) Spending too much on housing. (Me -yes)Worrying too much. (Me - not really)Not learning enough about investment before retirement. (Me - abslutely - always thought I had stacks of time!!)Check out the rest in Alan Clark's fabulous article - ann AnnSign up to our fortnightly issue of Powertools; a regular supply of business ideas; business tips and business tools for growing your business and receive a copy of Riding The Waves. 39 entrepreneurs share tips for doing business in turbulent times. PLUS you will have access to 20 free tools, e-books and templates. Ann Andrews CSPThe Corporate Tool-boxOnline Business and Training Resources