'Cloud Computing' v 'On-Premise Solutions'

Following Julian's fine post I thought I'd offer my thoughts on Cloud Computing too as a separate blog that I posted here tooÂ…'Cloud Computing' v 'On-Premise Solutions'There may be benefits for increasing usage of cloud computing; however there are important factors to take into consideration before any decision is madeÂ… May I suggest some of the following advantages and disadvantages, the pros and cons of deciding whether to move to 'Cloud Computing' or continue with 'On-Premise Solutions'The most obvious considerations of Cloud Computing & alternative solutions remain initial cost & investment, continuing cost, security, IT personnel & organisation, and any advantages following specific conversions and modifications.Possible cloud computing advantages:1. Reduce expenditure & possibility of larger solution applications2. Removal of your redundant company servers & ancillary equipment.3. Possibility to reduce & cut down on staffing levels of IT personnel & expenditure.Possible cloud computing disadvantages:1. Important security issues and possible consequences as your data is normally stored (& shared on Cloud) with other companies' data.2. Almost total dependence on internet connectivity - if your internet links & broadband 'goes down' you will endure serious interruptions.3. Increased costs over the longer term - rather similar to leasing or renting cars compared to buying vehicles outright.4. Far more complicated & possibly impractical to enjoy software customisation & upgrades because customisation & upgrades are not normally available or helpful with Cloud Computing.In summary:Cloud computing may have excellent advantages for business with limited resources. It may be helpful too for organisations and offices that can function seamlessly & for long periods without any internet in the (rare but nevertheless possible) situation of internet interruptions and breakdown.However, 'on-premise servers' are probably still better for larger businesses that may use customised systems & homegrown solutions to achieve advantage over their competition. And almost certainly better for businesses with 'mission-critical' applications which they cannot afford to be without for any period of timeÂ….Individual businesses need to make their own minds up of course & as ever probably best not to be swayed simply by common usages, newer fads & a 'follow the herd' mentality.Be sensible and do your own due diligence on this, possibly very important, decisionÂ…_____________________________________