Connecting Hearts for real Network Value

My desire to understand how some people are born networkers and other's have to learn has been a purpose for mine over the last 3 years. My hope that I can teach this to Ecademy Members and help them to be more successful is now what drives me. You know the moment when you meet someone and you feel they can make a difference in your lives? This is Emotional Wealth.Through my business life, I have met many people who communicate at a higher level. Finding out what this is, has been my passion since I started Ecademy. What is it that makes some business people more attractive to know than others? Why are they more successful, when they do not seem driven or ambitious, they are just great to know? But, how come, almost despite themselves, they are very successful, and they appear to "have it all?". Their network supports them and they have true Network Value.Our vision for Ecademy is to 'Connect business people, to learn, network and develop their emotional and financial wealth.' I now know that by becoming driven by their emotional wealth, this gives them purpose for themselves and their business, but fundamentally, it will change the world into a less angry, less greedy place to be.I would like to stress that Emotional Wealth is not about giving all your money away. It does not mean you need to work for free. It does not mean you need to de-focus from your business. It means finding the purpose within yourself that is reflected through the skills you have, providing you with the words and delivery that makes a difference to others.Let's take the example of an Accountant. He is 45 years old, he is bringing in enough money for his family, he is skilled and he is respected. But, he is bored, he lacks purpose and work has become a means to an end. This feeling will exude from him. His clients, his colleagues, his friends and most importantly his family will feel this. But why is he an accountant?When he was a little boy, he loved numbers, he was top of the class, and numbers were a game to him. As he grew up he just knew that numbers were his talent, numbers were his passion and he definitely wanted to work with numbers. In fact he knew he could make a difference to others with numbers. So he became an Accountant. A successful accountant. But now at 45, he wonders what it is all about. Each day he gets up. He has meetings with clients, checks spreadsheets and gives advice. The day ends, he comes home, exhausted and then repeats the whole thing all over again. The passion, the purpose is missing. He is emotionally dead in business.You ask him why he does it and he replies "it pays well or "it is all I know". He is actually living the life that he wanted but the purpose is not there, he's lost the passion for what he does. This does not mean he needs to change direction, this does not mean he is having a mid-life crisis, what he needs is an injection of Emotional Wealth. I said earlier that Emotional Wealth makes you more attractive to know. This, once found and communicated, provides purpose and drive. It changes the way people feel about you. I am going to come back to our accountant later. Save the thought.We have all been taught to talk about our products and services as features and benefits. Emotional Wealth is the next layer, and it is the most important one. The world is competitive, there are no shortages of skills, there are directories online and offline that can help you find what you need. Business cards are given out like sweeties, and they are forgotten and left to rot by those you give them to. The next phase is online networking. But what is online networking?

  • Is it yet another contact directory? Another place to collect skills and names.
  • or, is it
  • Somewhere where you can create network value, have others talk about you when you are not with them. Your network refers people to you, because they know you "can make a difference".
  • I believe that it is the second, it is relationship building. It is creating long lasting relationships that are built on trust and it is about creating the value in your network that tells others "I can make a difference".Let's go back to our Accountant. He is now sitting in front of a client and he wants to win their business. Why? Because this is what his life needs, this is what he 'does'. But, instead of talking about his business, his skills and his price, he says this."Do you know, I love numbers. Numbers have been my passion since I was a little boy. I am living a life I dreamed of. I work with numbers. I was always top of my class and I can read numbers like you read stories or poems. They talk to me. The talent I had as a little boy has now grown into a strong skill. My passion is to use this skill to save your business money. My purpose in life is to make a difference to others by using this talent and I will do this with more passion than you have ever experienced from an Accountant".To have Emotional Wealth you need to know the difference you make to others, know the Emotional Wealth Value that you have. You have been on a journey though life, and you are now living the life you were destined for, but do you know this yet, have you connected your heart to your head? Do you know how to connect your heart to someone else's.Hearts have an infinite amount of space, unlike heads which are over-loaded and over stimulated. Connecting your heart to someone else's will establish you as the person who makes a difference to others, your network will remember you, you will be lodged in their heart. This is the new world, this is how we will all progress and make the world a better place. Once you have identified your Emotional Wealth, you will know the part you have in its progress, and in the lives of others.So now, ask yourself these questions. Scribble them down on a big piece of paper, mind map them, draw them, - capture these thoughts however you want to.1.Start with what you do now. This is your comfort zone and you know this so well2.Ask yourself, how does this help others3.Now, what is the reason you do it?4.What difference does knowing you make to others?5.What is your life journey that led you to where you are now?6.How can you relate your present to your past?Now, write this up as a story.1.Write your journey.2.Explain your purpose.3.Tell me why you are passionate about your purpose4.Tell me why you are thrilled that you have the opportunity to fulfil your passion each day5.Tell me how you make this happen each day6.Tell me the difference you make to your clients7.Tell me exactly what you do.You have now identified your Emotional Wealth Value. You are a living, breathing, passionate individual that works with a life of purpose. The money, the Financial Wealth, is the output of this, but it is not what drives you. It is the result of your Emotional Wealth that you will achieve Financial Wealth. To give is to receive, to ask is to take. This is the difference you can make and others will now want to give to you.Warm regardsPenny PowerEcademy Founder Patron of A Women's PlaceSpreading emotional wealth and financial wealth worldwide