Credit Crunch Bites Hard

Brighton News | Brighton Property | Brighton Events | Brighton Cinema | Brighton Restaurants | Brighton Hotels | Brighton Free Adverts One of the things that I have always loved about Brighton & Hove is that there always seems to be something going on.... things happening, and the City itself seems to move forward, adapt and change with the future in mind. Over the years many new projects have been finalised and come to fruition despite the protests following informed debate. Projects such as the Jubilee Library spring to mind. How sad then, to see that many new projects that have been years in the making, having attracted their own fair share of controversy and finally been given planning permission following months or even years of deliberation should now find themselves struck down at the last by recession.Will the 'Brighton Eye', the King Alfred Development, Churchill Square and Brighton Centre, The Black Rock Development, Brighton Marina proposals ever take place against the current economic downturn?MelvynBrighton Business DirectoryUK Business Directory