Digital natives entering the job market - What will happen?

Digital natives, a term coined by Marc Prensky [thanks to Anna Kirah for the correction] for the generation that has grown up using all sorts of IT devices from a very young age (probably before the age of 2).The digital natives are now entering businesses. This will change a lot.Digital natives don't believe in authorities. They don't like to be constrained to corporate standards for IT devices. They want to choose devices that suit their personal way of working.Digital natives don't believe in working 9-to-5 they are the always-on generation mixing social life and work life. They don't like to be constrained as to which websites they are allowed to visit during work hours.Digital natives like to experiment with applications to get exactly what they need for their personal way of working. They don't want to wait for IT to complete a project to acquire new functionality they just want to buy and download what they think will work for them (probably open source or cheap community based software).The digital natives are entering all lines of business - It is not an internal IT issue as many CIOs unfortunately think.IT will have to speed up and open up to brand new requirements. That is a challenge!It will have a huge influence on the way IT Governance is conducted. It will have a huge influence on the Enterprise Architecture and the Application Portfolio. IT Security will have to be changed fundamentally from controlling the perimeter to protecting individual data items.

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