If you have come here to help me, you are wasting our time.If you have come here because your liberation is bound up with mine,then let us work together.Lilla Watson
In an interdependent community everyone looks out for each other, if they don't, they die, it's black and white. But if that community is deprived of its ability to feed itself for whatever reason, be that economic, environmental or political, then dependency upon the outside world is inevitable.There may be dependency, but that doesn't for one moment mean that there isn't capability, capacity, desire, a hunger for an escape route to gain independence from that dependency, it just means that from the outside we may only see dependency and need.Dig beneath the surface and you'll find ideas, innovation, resourcefulness, determination, eagerness, enthusiasm, inspiration just waiting to be tapped into. But all too often we judge at a surface level and miss the dignity of the human being beneath the hungry facade.This lady stands proudly with her latest crop, her family were malnourished from years of bland food aid, three decades of international aid and a seemingly hopeless political battle left her and her family desperate for a chance to at least improve their own lot.It doesn't take much, in fact this ladies liberation from the malnutrition trap came in the form of a little bit of knowhow and a few seeds from a friend who had this idea about growing food in desert locations. Together they laboured towards a common goal. The result is a win, win, win.Dignity is a two way street, find it in ourselves then instantly we see it in everyone, regardless of how we may have previously judged by appearances. Dignity is respect. Respect another persons intelligence, respect their right to their own dignity. Stand with them as your peer.We are who we have been waiting for.MartinPhoto: Phil Hittepole