Do givers really gain? I need help for a friend

Everywhere I turn, people are saying that in business, in life, the more you give out the more you get back. I'm a huge supporter of this theory and see evidence of this almost on a daily basis. How it happens I don't know, I just know it does.But when it comes to business, is there a right way and a wrong way to do this?I have a very dear friend who is a new member in ecademy (and who will be watching out for your advice on here so please contribute in any way you can) who needs your help. After a great number of years climbing the ladder to heady heights in the corporate world, she took the leap into self employment 2 years ago. She has a great mind and a great product. As she's a natural giver, she's spent much of her time looking out for where she can help others and she's worked tirelessly mixing activity between promoting her business and helping other people.But a few weeks ago she told me that she needs to change her outlook and stop helping so many others because it's costing her dearly in time and money and nothing ever seems to come back. Of course she'll continue to give in life as she always has, but in business the theory of 'givers get' just isn't working for her.ecademy has been an enormous source of support for me and whenever I've reached out for help you've given it by the bucketload.Now I need help for a friend.Any comments will be HUGELY appreciated, not only by my friend but also by anyone else experiencing the same problem.Thank you.Tracey