Do something: ANYTHING!

Any situation within causing disruption in life, thinking or one's ability to deal with the stuff and matter of challenges to the self, is a "state(of mind)" where something has become stuck.These stuck-ness-es can be fears, obsessive thoughts or even habitual patterns of "being".Change, a different experience, a different state, will happen when a break is applied. So, how is the break created? Anything that interrupts the pattern and shifts awareness is a potential solution, at least to begin with... Any thing or activity (silly dancing, clearing out the sock drawer, emptying the bin or having a walk etc.) that frees the self enough to re-assess and re-group by placing awareness elsewhere, is a worthy gift to one's self.This is all good theory. What practical experiences can you share about overcoming "stuff"? (For me, writing this blog was one!)Blessings,BennTwitter: bennabdycollins with #BennThinks for personal TweetsWebsite and Blog: