Do you believe in Intuition?

Do you believe in your intuition or do you think it's only a fairy tale?Personally I believe as my experiences seen to indicate. But I think that is matter of whatever your attention is been focused in life. I believe that intuition is the extrasensory perception that fills the gaps of the physical senses. I love Mandala designs and I have been doing lots of them since I was at very young age. My way to do mandalas is always intuitively as I don't plan anything not even do a draft. Then I think that it is really a manifestation of the intuition.In this way I think that the intuition is a grasp of the divine, a spiritual insight that in a way connect us with All That Is. We see some small parts of the Universal Harmony.I'm a believer so sorry if I become too fluffy here. ;)I got some situations in my life that I just "felt" that something was wrong and then past some time I was in a dangerous moment but always one step ahead of the time so nothing bad happens with me. Could the Intuition be the Jedi Force of the Starwars?Love and Light,Joaquim Mutim