Do you develop your business or develop your sales?

I am currently working on some research for a Blog I will write soon. I would value your thoughts on the following.Over the 10 years of building Ecademy I have learnt so much from the community and the individuals within, about how they network. I have seen a recent change in the way that people here view Networking.At the start, my observations were that people wanted to develop their sales, look for advocates and find direct selling opportunities.Now, I am seeing a very different attitude emerge.....Business Development.I learnt 2 months ago from a Senior Chamber of Commerce member, that they could tell that an Ecademy member was 21st Century in their business strategyHe said that in most networking organisations people are using elevator pitches and selling to one another but on Ecademy the member is looking at ways to build their knowledge, innovate their services, find advocates and build collaborative teams,. They utilise facilities like Adam Street and Avanta, to hold meetings, plus others around the world.This 21st Century attitude to building a business has enabled them to be focused on the customer, rather than HR and Office Management and has allowed them to innovate to their customers needs rather than sell what they want to sell. It has kept the business lean and less likely to fail through cash crisis.I have created a Poll that I would value your vote on HEREI would also value your thoughts on whether you 'develop your business' on Ecademy or 'develop your sales'. You could argue that developing your business does develop your sales, my point here is, which thought is with you when you touch the keyboard the most.I would like you to be honest, especially in the Poll, do you really look for collaborative opportunities, knowledge and resources when you are connecting here? Or do you really look for sales?I will create a Blog on the thoughts gathered here in the next 2-3 weeks.Warm regardsPenny PowerFounder-EcademyConnecting Business People - through Business Networking+447771 543478To learn more about how Ecademy and how Social Networking can help your business, read my Blog Using Social Networks to grow your Business.. Also please read my latest Blog - Web 3.0 - 'Community, Tools and Intention' - how to achieve leverage though software and people