Does Your Business Add Up To What Social Media is Saying?

Does Your Business Add Up To What Social Media is Saying?

Recently a friend of mine wanted to book a driving instructor, and did not know how to start and became frustrated.

At random his friend suggested an instructor who had fifteen recommendations on the net, from people who had used his services and passed, nice solid website, lots of very good reviews on free index from people who used his services and then passed.

Driving with this instructor caused my friend to complain all the time - the instructor was good on the dual carriageways encouraging her to drive faster, but when it came to manoeuvring no technique was employed, just directions which confused her.

Lots of instructors use techniques ie drawings, excerpts from books to bring quality into the lessons, and sadly he didn't use any.

Furthermore the instructor arrived later to pick up my friend, and always ensured that my friend was delivered back to her home on the hour, which sent out a very clear message that they were not interested in quality, but money.

Each day the instructor would ask the student pick up his wife and daughter, who remained quiet in the back seat of his car, and the learner would drive them to his their destination, and there was no talking or even a thank you.

On that last day the instructor had a nice conversation on the phone, whilst the leaner was driving - the result was that the learner was not going to take the instructor again.

Students do not write bad reviews about their instructors, but they do remember the lessons and word of mouth marketing can destroy your business.

The moral of this story is that if you want customers to say with you, you need to reflect on why they are not, on their journey and to talk to an image consultant.