Don't Worry about Worry!#EPOM

The whole point of the saying," Be in the moment," is only because we only have this moment. Because of our lack of sensitivity it appears as if there is a future and because it comes around so quickly, generally speaking, we delude ourselves. For the past to have any reality at all, we need to keep our memory intact because in fact it has no reality and is only present in us as thought. It is only because of our unconsciousness and almost somnambulistic state that we think of future as future because in fact it is only our thought of the future in the present moment. This moment is all we have. As a consequence of our obsession with the past and the future we almost have no contact with reality, which of course IS the present moment. The same exists about the future and all our dreaming and imagination; it is said that "the future does not exist as the future; it exists as imagination in the present moment." OshoHow is it possible that we have given so much thought and put so much attention on the future and the past, that we have completely lost track of the beauty and immensity of the present moment, which is here right now. This moment is all we have.The thing with worry is that because of our self condemnation and our inclination to find faults in ourselves, any worries we might have seem magnified and out of proportion to the occasion. This fault finding is one of the greatest problems. It is one of the greatest problems because if we find faults in ourselves the implication is that we should improve. This idea of improvement will propel us into the future and away from the challenge of the moment and what the moment calls for. This moment is all we have.Every situation can be used and not only that can be used in a creative way and even the psychologists have noted that a person who is less prone to self talk and self-destructive thoughts is more capable of coping better and taking the necessary and appropriate action to resolve the so-called worry or problem- and in a far more creative way.The point is that if we dwell on such a long past and such a vast future, the possibility of coping with our present worries will be more difficult. On the other hand if we look to see what needs to be done right now the chances are that we can all come up with the necessary solutions or resolution to the "problem" at hand.This moment is all we have.SAMSam BorrettPerformance Coach, Trainer, Real Estate, Mentor, Lawyer, Facilitator, Life ConstellationsMentoring4ChangeJupiter Properties Pty. Ltd.PO Box 241 Brunswick Heads, NSW, 2483Australia