Dundee Slang

Dundee has its own slang words. Some of them sound funny and othersÂ…..not so nice! Here is a brief introduction to Dundee Slang. A dinnieken = I don't know Arab = Dundee United Supporter Awa = awayAye = Yes Bairn = Child Bampot = Fool Bletherer = Chatterbox Brew = Jobcentre / unemployed Broon = Brown Bridie = A Meat filled Pastry Canna - Can not Chuffed - Pleased with oneself Circle = Roundabout Cow - Worst insult you can give to a Dundee girl Daftie - stupid but harmless Dinnae = Don't Dinnae ken = don't knowFleg = Fright/Scare Feve = fiveHalf loaf = Loaf of bread Haver = liarIngin= Onion Irn Bru = A soft drink. Ken = Know Oor = ourPuss = faceTatties = potatoes Wee = small Minging = bad smelling or bad tasting Pished - drunk Toe-rag = friendly term for idiotMore slang words to follow soon! CANI (constant and never ending improvement)http://www.citylocal.co.uk