Ecademy Blogs, SEO, No-Follow and how to win the game

There's been a lot of chat about SEO and how to make it work here, as well as some disinformation about the impact of some links being what is called 'no-follow'. Let's deal with that first, when you embed a URL inside a blog post Ecademy mark that as 'no-follow' to help Google classify things correctly and to make sure Ecademy is ineffective as a "link farm" (a site that seeks to improve the importance of other sites unfairly through the use of links - Google hates them and penalises anyone they consider is doing that, both the farm and the sites the link to).However....Every blog and comment contains two links to your profile, on the picture and on your name, Those are follow links, On your profile page is a link to your company website and your blog, both follow links. For clarity, No Follow doesn't mean don't index. Google spiders still index and include the linked site in the Google just tells Google that the linked site isn't necessarily relevant to the page that links too it, so Google works out relevance based on the content at the website end. It's not right to say it is given no weight by Google, just not any referred weight. If it's a properly designed web page with the good SEO you still get oodles of benefit from no-follow links and Ecademy isn't downgraded for 'vouching' for pages that aren't relevant to the page it links from. Follow links pass page rank. Your (Ecademy) profile is relevant to your (Ecademy) blog, so it's appropriate to pass the page rank to your profile page, and your profile page is relevant to your website and (personal) blog so it's appropriate to pass page rank with that too. That means that the more you blog the more you promote your (personal) blog and website, and that's why the SEO here works so well, because the use and design of the data flows and follow/no-follow links is accurate. Google rewards that.To really benefit you should ensure that the keywords and meta data on your website and blog is consistent with the SEO descriptions, keywords and 50 words on your profile. See these case studies 1> and 2> and note how the blog entry on the Abelard site ended up outperforming the Ecademy site in the first example, enabling me to open a dialogue with that business. William BuistFollow me >