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The Blog page of ecademy is my favorite place to spend time online, I love the diverse conversations, the openness and the learningNot all Blogs are business related, which is great, this is a social network for business people, and if I was having a glass of wine with you in a wine bar I would be pretty board if all we talked about was work.There are some people here who I really admire as experts who write about their subject, help me see their value, provide me with enough insight to advocate them and help me learn a great deal beyond my core skill and knowledge.I have highlighted just a few of the experts that I follow, I read their Blogs, I learn from them and I like them because I can feel their personality.I am not highlighting those who also add so much to my life through their humour and their compassion, on this Blog I would purely like to discover who are the people you admire for their Knowledge and their expertise in their market, please do link to a Blog they have written that has helped you if you have time also.To start off here are some I admireAlan Stevens - teaches us about the media and achieving publicity James McBrearty - writes about Tax and the small businessNick Tadd - helps us to learn the latest thoughts and tools in social mediawhile I was looking through the Blogs today, I came across so many people that write regularly who do not make it clear what their business is, but they are Known and Liked, I guess the people above help me know why I should Follow them in business.Being Known and Liked is the best way to start in any community, being followed takes time, as there is a fine line between 'broadcasting' and sharing knowledge. The people I have highlighted here, do also get involved in the community and I like the fact that we see them cropping up in many Blogs, commenting on a broad range of topics.who do you Know, Like and Follow and why?Warm regardsPenny Power +447771 543478Founder-Ecademy"Sharing People and Sharing Knowledge"Buy the Book