[Ecademy Interviews] Can you write competitively? Meet Anthony Madigan

The second show in my series of interviews with Ecademy Blackstars tackles an issues close to the heart of everyone who relies on the power of the written word to win new customers - in other words most of us on Ecademy, including myself.No doubt the internet is forcing all of us to become media people - thanks to technology we are writing our blogs, starring in and editing our own videos, and doing our own design like never before.But it is possible to do it yourself, my opinion is it doesn't mean you should and a recent interview with professional writer Anthony Madigan of Write the Talk crystalised why.As Anthony put it. "Yes you can write, but can you write competitively?"In my interview with Anthony (below) we talked about what makes good business writing and what sends people to sleep. It's clear that as well as having a winning way with words and phrases, he walks a nice line between being about business, but also being interesting. This interview is one of 16 I conducted late last year with fellow Ecademists.  Please take a moment to look at more of them - you'll find the full list here.

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