[Ecademy interviews] Face to face with a relationship revolutionary. Meet Mike Freddie Gordon.

Mike Freddie Gordon is a million miles away from my stereotype of a relationship counsellor, but the practice he runs with wife Penny is not your average relationship service.For a start he's an accountant and she's a lawyer. It puts them in a good place to help couples who have assets to dispute in a divorce. But they also offer a marriage makeover service for couples who may have thought they were heading to separation.I really enjoyed leaning more about how he and Penny bring clients to resolution - one way or another. You can learn more about Mike's business - and those of other Blackstars - by following the links below. This interview is one of 16 I conducted late last year with fellow Ecademists.  Please take a moment to look at more of them - you'll find the full list here.

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